Lowbed and Abnormal load transport from South Africa to Tanzania

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Abnormal Loads

Abnormal load transport from South Africa to Tanzania. Our vast experience of dealing with Abnormal loads into Tanzania makes us a transport provider of choice to heavy industry throughout Tanzania.

Tanzania Authorities

Many years of experience in dealing with road transport authorities in Tanzania have enabled us to be prepared for any eventuality which may occur in cross border transport challenges in Tanzania.

Cross Border Solution

We personally oversee the loading and unloading. Abnormal road transport from South Africa to Tanzania requires a special skill set and contacts that have been developed over many years.

Our transport and abnormal load services  between South Africa and Tanzania are reliable, fast and can be done with any of the following trailer types:  4-axles, tri-axles, step decks and extendable trailers.

Cross Border Transport Logistics and Project Transport

Ensuring that your equipment/cargo is delivered in time, on time and within budget into Tanzania or any of the other cross border destinations we are experienced in, is the task of our highly experienced Transport logistics team. Each African country has it’s own special set of requirements that are known to change frequently. Our specialist transport logistics and Project transport teams have intimate knowledge of the requirements through a network of contacts and service providers throughout Africa.

Road transport and in particular, abnormal load transport in Tanzania requires Police escorts, permits and incidental permits throughout the journey and it is an extremely taxing job to ensure that cargo is not held up for extraordinary amounts of days while paperwork is handled. We have highly experienced road transport and logistics staff whose job it is to ensure that your cargo moves through South Africa and into Tanzania without any problematic delays.

Tanzania has a better than average road infrastructure than the regional average. Tanzania’s allocation of resources to road maintenance has become better and better over the last few years as the government places more emphasis on foreign investment in mining, infrastructure and general foreign investment projects.

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